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Iowa Catholic Radio: The importance of Confession

25 Mar

ICRadioMARCH 25, 2014 — Patrick Novecosky, editor of this blog and Editor-in-Chief of Legatus magazine, was a guest on Iowa Catholic Radio in Des Moines, Iowa, this morning. He appeared on the Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY with Mark Reed (Director of Institutional Advancement at Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa), Mark Amadeo, Jeanne Wells, and Fr. Joe Pins (Vocations Director for the Diocese of Des Moines).

They asked Novecosky about Legatus and its members, CEOs and business leaders who strive to become better Catholics by meeting once a month for rosary, Confession, Mass, and a good speaker. The conversation then turned to Pope Francis’ announcement of 24-hours-for-the-Lord, happening in Rome this weekend. Basilicas in Rome will be open for Confession and Eucharistic adoration.

More importantly, they discussed the need for Catholics to return to regular Confession during Lent in order that they may experience more of the Lord’s mercy.

Listen to the entire interview.