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Vatican synod to reinforce Church teaching on the family

8 Jul

ICRadioJULY 8, 2014 — Patrick Novecosky, editor of this blog and Editor-in-Chief of Legatus magazine, was a guest on Iowa Catholic Radio in Des Moines, Iowa, this morning. He appeared on the Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY with host Jon Leonetti, Mark Amadeo, and Mary Sue Lone.

They asked Novecosky about the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family being held at the Vatican from Oct. 5-19. About 150 heads of bishops’ conferences and leaders of Eastern churches aligned with Rome will attend to discuss the cultural challenges to Church teaching on the family.

Novecosky said that while the synod won’t change Church teaching on marriage and family, it will be a teaching moment, giving Catholics the opportunity to talk about the beauty of God’s plan for the family. It will also give the Church a chance to streamline its processes for Catholics seeking an annulment, he said.

Listen to the entire interview.

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Time to step up our game and change the culture

1 Jul

familyPatrick Novecosky, editor of this blog, writes in the July issue Legatus magazine that the fight for religious liberty has only just begun as the secular left and activist judges attempt to redefine marriage and family.

In mid-July, I’ll meet my fourth son. While preparing this issue of the magazine, it occurred to me that even though he hasn’t been born, he’s got a tough road ahead of him.

This is our annual Family issue. We decided to dedicate an issue to family a couple of years ago when it was clear that this was a new front in the culture wars. The family has been under attack since Cain slew his brother, but secularists opened this front in a new way a few years ago by attempting to redefine marriage

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