Walking the walk: Finding faith and friendship at work

18 Jan

morningshow31-trans800FORT WAYNE, Indiana (January 17, 2017) — Legatus magazine editor-in-chief Patrick Novecosky was a guest on The Kyle Heimann Show this morning on Redeemer Radio. Host Kyle Heimann asked Novecosky about how to find friends who can support us in our work and in our faith.

Novecosky relayed some good advice from St. John Bosco about finding friends who will help us grow in holiness and virtue. He stressed the importance of daily prayer and listening to the Lord to discern his will for our lives. They also talked about how to find faith-filled friends at work by listening and by being forthright about our faith in all aspects of our lives. CLICK HERE to listen to the entire interview (First 14 minutes).

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