Deep Adventure Radio: The exclusive Novecosky interview

21 May
Bear Wosnick (left) interviews Patrick Novecosky on Deep Adventure Radio

Bear Woznick (left) interviews Patrick Novecosky on Deep Adventure Radio at the Catholic Leadership Conference

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (May 21, 2014) — Deep Adventure Radio’s Bear Woznick took it out into the deep water today, interviewing Patrick Novecosky — editor of this blog and editor-in-chief of Legatus magazine — for his AdventureCast program, heard on stations across the country.

Woznick asked Novecosky about his snap decision to run the Rome marathon a few days after Pope Francis was elected in March 2013. They then discussed Legatus, the membership organization for Catholic business leaders founded by Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan.

In the third segment, the two talked about the cultural and political challenges for Catholic and other Christian business leaders, most specifically the Health and Human Services (HHS) contraception mandate. Legatus members are leading the fight to overturn the mandate. They also talked about the influence of business leaders and their responsibility to be steeped in the virtues.

BearswavecompodcastartBear Woznick is a two-time Masters World Champion tandem surfer. He is featured in TV’s “Clean Break” reality adventure series, has a weekly four-minute “Deep in the Wave” radio segment and posts weekly podcasts, blogs and video logs at Woznick lives on the beach in Waikiki, Hawaii, and is married to his Swedish bride Talin and is the father of four: Fawn, Jeremiah, Shane, and Joshua.

CLICK: Listen to the entire interview.



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