Secrets of the papal conclave: WNAV interviews

14 Mar

wnav vert logo on blueMARCH 14, 2013 (VATICAN CITY) –Patrick Novecosky, editor of this blog, was acting as the Vatican correspondent for 1430 WNAV Radio in Annapolis, Maryland, this week.

On Tuesday, March 12, Patrick spoke to WNAV news director Bill Lusby about the conclave and what to expect when the cardinals, now in their second day of voting, choose a new pope. Patrick talked about how the cardinals arrive at their decision and why the cardinals work in secret.

On the following day, March 13, he talked to Bill about the cardinals’ second day of balloting. They spoke just hours before the cardinals chose Buenos Aires Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the 266th successor of St. Peter. The Argentinian cardinal took the name Pope Francis.

During the third report, March 14, they spoke about the new pope and his dynamic personality. Patrick was 80 yards from the Pope when he presented himself to the world on March 13.

Listen to the March 12 interview by clicking here.

Listen to the March 13 interview by clicking here.

Listen to the March 14 interview by clicking here.

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