Live from New York …

3 Dec

Patrick Novecosky is interviewed on the Busted Halo Show (Sirius XM Radio) by Paulist Father Dave Dwyer

DECEMBER 3, 2010 — Patrick Novecosky, editor of this blog, had the opportunity to visit the Sirius XM Studios in Midtown Manhattan this week. Father Dave Dwyer, a Paulist priest, is the host of the Busted Halo Show on The Catholic Channel (Sirius XM Satellite Radio). He gave a quick tour of the studio (including Howard Stern’s office/studio) and the little studio where, he said, Bruce Springsteen performed live last week.

One of the most dynamic priests you’d ever want to meet, Father Dave brought Novecosky into his studio for a chat last night — Thursday, Dec. 2. They talked about writing, journalism, Legatus, the Catholic Church and Novecosky’s faith journey … all punctuated by a laugh or two.

Take a listen by clicking here.

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